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Live Stream Questions and Answers

Will the game be saved? 

- Yes! Once the stream is over, you can rewatch it as many times as you would like. If you cant watch it live, you can watch it later in the day as well. 

What devices can I watch this game on? Can I watch on a tv? 
- You can watch on any device. If you want to watch on a tv, I recommend chromecasting it to the tv or pluggin your computer in via HDMI to the tv. 

Can I download the game? 
- Yes! Please email wade@clevelandvideocompany
.com to get a download. 

Can I send this to family members? 
- Yes! There is no limit to the amount of people watching the games. Send this link to them to watch. 

The stream is not working? What can I do? 
- I recommend watching in google chrome but if the stream is not working, try another device. If there is a problem with the internet, ill post something in the chat box to let everyone know. The games will be recorded and uploaded at the end of the weekend if for some reason the stream does not work.  

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