Recording video options for Mark's Retirement video. 


1. Recording on your phone - If you plan to record on your phone, make sure to have the phone be horizontal when you record. If you have an iphone, you can text Wade (videographer) the video at 216.389.6654. If you have an android, you will want to upload them using the dropbox link below. 

2. Recording on your computer / zoom - If you know how to do a zoom recording, you could record the video using your webcam and then upload the file to the dropbox link below. 

3. Scheduling a zoom call with our videographer - If you would like to schedule time with our videographer to have him record you over zoom, please reach out to Wade at and he will work with your schedule to record your message. 


Camera shy? If recording a video is not something you are comfortable with, send us a nice written message and a photo of you and Mark that we could add to the video. If you don't have a photo of you and Mark, send us a photo of yourself you are comfortable having in the video. We know some people can be better with their written words vs being on camera and that's ok! 

Quick Tips for recording: 
- Try not to have a window and direct light behind you. Try to keep any light in front of you. 

- When recording, try to be close to the camera so the audio is better. The more distance there is between you and the camera decreases the audio quality. 

- Its ok to take notes and use them during the video to make sure you dont miss anything you want to say. 


Here is the link to upload the video -