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3 Camera Interview with Medical Mutual CEO, Steven Glass.

We were hired by North Coast Ventures (NCV) to film a fireside chat with Medical Mutual's CEO, Steven Glass. NCV has a virtual annual meeting every year that we get to help film and edit. It includes messages from their Managing Director Todd Federman, Director Daniel Luketic, some of their companies they have invested in, and lastly a fireside chat with a CEO from the cleveland area. In this article, we will break down our 3 camera setup for filming this interview. We will go over each camera angle, how we recorded audio, and how we decided to light the room we were in. 3 Camera Setup

Camera 1: For our main camera, we used a Canon C70 with a 35mm lens. This gives us a crisp wide shot and we can plug our backup audio directly into the C70.

Camera 2: For Steve's cameras we used a Canon R6 with a 85 Rokinon lens.

Camera 3: For Todd's camera we used a Canon EOSR with a 24-105 lens.

Audio Setup

For audio, we used an audio techinca laviler kit that was hooked up to our Zoom L-Trak mixer. By bringing in an audio mixer, we are able to control the levels live and make adjustments during the interview. Also, we can record a nice clean audio feed, directly on the mixer giving us our main audio source.

Lighting Setup

For lighting, we started by turning the room lights off. This allows us to create the lighting we want for the interview. We setup two amaran 100x Bi-Color to give both subjects the right amount of light. Next we added two Godox LC500R RGB LED Light Stick as a hair light for both Todd and Steve. This creates a backlight which makes it look like natural sunlight is coming in from behind them.



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